Cosmeservice Special Black Friday Offer: 50% Off on the CPNP Notification


We have joined Black Friday with an unusual offer on our CPNP notification. During the rest of November the companies could get the CPNP with a discount of 50%.

We arose from the experience of highly qualified professionals in Cosmetic Safety and Regulation offers a comprehensive advice/service to cosmetic manufacturers and distributors in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the European Regulation.

Through the slogan ‘Cosmervice is your passport to the European Union’, we have launched a new campaign for helping companies to approach cosmetic products on the European market. There are three mandatory steps according to this complex process:

  1. Getting the Product Information File (PIF), which contains all information about the product.
  2. Finding a Responsible person, a legal or natural person based in the EU who ensures that the cosmetic product marketed in the EU is safe for use.
  3. And, at least, getting a Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), a reference number obtained from the EU website that is mandatory prior to sell cosmetic products. The products have to be notified before the sale.

On the other hand and as an additional service, if a company needs to speed up the administrative process, we are able to notify the product in the CPNP in the fastest way through our Cosmeservice Express Service. The complete registration of products can be done in just 1 WEEK.

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