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We ensure the safety and effectiveness of your cosmetic products with our specialized testing services for cosmetic certification.

Mandatory Safety Test for EU & UK Cosmetic Regulations

Microbiological and Challenge test

Microbiological and Challenge test

To determine the efficacy of the preservative system for cosmetic products.

1 month

 In vitro / 5 pathogens / ISO 11930

Stability & Compatibility Test

Stability & compatibility test

To predict the theoretical shelf life of the product and the estimated date of use which the product conserves good storage conditions.

3 months

 5oC (±3oC) / 40oC (±2oC) / Light /dark exposure

Assessment of the skin tolerance (PatchOpen Test)

Assessment of the skin tolerance (Patch/Open Test)

To assess the absence of skin irritation under normal conditions of use.

1 week

in vivo / 10–12 volunteers / Under dermatological control

Clinical test

Sunscreen & Solar Protection in vitro and in vivo SPFUVA

Sun Protection Factor test

To determine and justify the sun protection factor of products

15 days (in vitro) + 45 days (in vivo)

in vitro SPF & UVA ISO
24443:2012/21 / in vivo
SPF ISO 24444:2019/ in vivo UVA ISO 24442:2011/2022 

In-use Test

In-use test

To evaluate the possible adverse reactions related to the cosmetic products in normal use conditions, develeped under medical control. The volunteers complete a questionnaire about organoleptic and sensory  characteristics to access the subjetive efficacy of the product during use at home

1 month

in vivo / 20 volunteers / Under dermatological, paedriatic, gynecological and ophthalmology control

Het cam

To determine the eye irritation potential of products that could come into contact with the eyes or sensible areas

15 days

In vitro

HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) Hypoallergenic

HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) Hypoallergenic

To verify the cutaneous compatibility irritation sensitization and contact allergy potencial of a cosmetic product

3 weeks

 in vivo / 10-12 volunteers / Under dermatological control

Efficacy test


To obtain quantitative results to assess the effectiveness of the product and justify specific claims. The test is usually performed at the same time as an In-use Test.

14 or 28 days

Microcaya corneometer – Hydration Moisturizing, effect
Microcaya cutometer & Tewameter – Elasticity, Firming efficacy / Skin barrier
Microcaya Visio Face – Wrinkle effect, Whitening
Sebumeter & VisioFace Lite – Astringent, Sebum regulator
Skin-Colorimeter – Long-lasting, Highlighter, Hyperpigmentation
Skin- Glossymeter – Brightening / Radiance, luminosity effect
Microcaya Mexameter – Skin renewal, Regenerative efficacy


Cosmetic testing encompasses laboratory assessments designed to determine the safety and effectiveness of various products such as makeup, moisturizers, lotions, shampoos, and more. Learn more…

Cosmetic product tests are conducted to ensure that the products are safe and effective before they are made available to the public. This includes tests to detect the presence of toxic and allergenic substances, as well as to ensure product stability and quality.

Cosmetic product tests can involve in vitro methods and also studies on human volunteers are employed. In vitro tests evaluate the reactivity of the skin to certain substances, while studies on human volunteers assess the skin’s tolerance to the products.

There are 3 mandatory tests which are required for EU and UK registration of the products. They are microbiological test, challenge test and stability-compatibility tests.

Moreover, depending on the type of the product and the claims that are present in the labelling, additional tests could be needed. The most common case is the sunscreen products which require SPF tests or the products which claim “dermatologically tested”, in this case there are some tests that can be valid after our regulatory team checks the reports and validate them under current regulations.

Cosmeservice can offer the assistance to perform these test in a simple, cheap and fast way. You can contact us if you need more information. Also, you can send us your tests if they are already performed and we can check them to let you know if that tests are correct to register the products in the EU and UK markets.

The time required for cosmetic product tests varies depending on the type of test and the complexity of the product, but it can take weeks or even months.

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