Do you sell your cosmetic products through an online shop intentionally for the EU or UK markets?

All cosmetic products placed on the EU and UK markets that are intended for end consumers in the EU and UK must comply with their corresponding current regulations despite the distribution networks and channels (supermarkets, pharmacies, drugstores, beauty salons, e-commerce).

This means that, according to the Commission Notice on the market surveillance of products sold online (2017/C 250/01), EU legislation also applies to online sellers, regardless of whether they are based inside or outside the European Union and/or United Kingdom.

For this purpose, it will be assessed whether the online offer is oriented towards consumers or end-users within the Member States or UK. Aspects such as language, currency (i.g. Euro), any EU domain and availability of deliveries to EU countries or to UK will be determining factors as to whether the operator has targeted EU-UK consumers or end-users.

Therefore, your cosmetic products will have to comply with EU and UK Regulations. Each product sold in European Union and/or United Kingdom has to be registered in compliance with the EU and UK Regulations. We remind you of the mandatory steps of EU and UK complete cosmetic registration:

  1. Elaborate the Product Information File (PIF) and the Safety Assessment.

This report is valid for the two territories. In case of already selling in EU, it would only be necessary to include the corresponding information of the UK Responsible Person of the product.

  1. Mandatory and clinical safety tests. It is needed to include the final results into the PIF in order to proof the product safety.
  2. Notification into the corresponding portal: EU CPNP and/or UK SCPN.
  3. Designate a Responsible Person located in appropriated territories.

Take into account that your cosmetic products must be registered on the CPNP portal if the final consumer is from any European Member State and registered on the SCPN portal if the final consumer is from the United Kingdom. Same as bricks-and-mortar stores, you must designate a Responsible Person and PIFs must be available at the Responsible Person’s place. Also, the product label must include the mandatory information and to be translated into the national and official language of the country in which the products are sold.

In case you are selling your products through an online platform, we recommend you to register your cosmetic products according to the corresponding regulations to avoid any risk with Customs and Health Authorities. In this way, you will be safeguarding the end consumers by offering a safe and legal product.

If you have any questions or you need additional information regarding the e-commerce and these regulatory matters, do not hesitate to contact us.

In case you are planning to introduce your cosmetic products through an online shop intentionally, please let us know in order to advise you in the best way possible to do it.

We will guide and provide you support to ensure the safety and compliance of your products.

Cosmeservice Team.

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