Responsible Person for UE & UK

What is a responsible person?

The responsible person for cosmetics is a legal entity located in an EU member state or the UK, depending on the market where the client sells their products. 

As the first point of contact for authorities, they must possess the complete product dossier for inspection and monitoring. Additionally, the responsible person’s name and address must be displayed on the product label.

Learn about the essential role of a responsible person for cosmetics in the EU and UK.

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Compliance ensures products meet regulatory safety and labeling standards.


Guidance on the allowed cosmetics claims (dermatologically tested)


Surveillance guidance after market entry


Classification and identification of proper cosmetic regulation


We will guide companies in adapting products for new markets and meeting local consumer needs and regulations.


We will provide support cosmetics companies in navigating product development and regulatory challenges..


Guidance on labelling requirements, labelling review and official languages


The Responsible Person is a key figure in EU and UK cosmetic regulation. It is the individual or legal entity who holds the legal responsibility for ensuring compliance with the standards and safety requirements regarding cosmetic products placed on the market.

The obligations of the Responsible Person include ensuring that cosmetic products are manufactured in accordance with the standards and safety requirements, maintaining the necessary records and documentation, providing information to the public and competent authorities if any safety issues are identified, and cooperating with competent authorities in any investigations.

The Responsible Person can be any individual or legal entity established in the EU or UK, including manufacturers, importers, distributors, and retailers.

The Responsible Person is designated through a written contract between the manufacturer (or importer) and the Responsible Person. The contract must clearly establish the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

The sanctions can vary depending on the country and specific infringement, but they may include fines, product market withdrawal, registration suspension or revocation, and in serious cases, criminal action against the Responsible Person.

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EU & UK Responsible Person

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