K-beauty, the paradigm of Korean beauty


It has been the first time Cosmeservice has ventured to visit South Korea, given the boom in K-Beauty cosmetics, and we assure you that it will not be the last.

The reason for our trip has been the attendance as a visitor to one of the most important cosmetic fairs in this country, specifically, in K-Beauty Expo, in KINTEX.

The fair is positioned as a meeting place for Korean manufacturers and distributors who are leaders and innovators in the Korean cosmetics industry and which have taken advantage to present their products and the latest trends.

For Cosmeservice has been a business opportunity since it is a cosmetic fair in which we can meet with more than 10 customers of the Korean market, and in which we have contacted about 200 exhibiting companies.

This market is the one with the fastest growing among our customers. More and more companies are prescribing and recommending us, after their satisfactory experiences working with the Cosmeservice team.

What is K-Beauty?

Korean beauty products, or K-Beauty, as they are popularly known, have conquered the beauty industry, and specifically in Europe leaving consumers equally intrigued and expectant by their legendary 10-step routine: removing makeup from the eyes, cleaning the face, exfoliating the skin, toning, applying facial essences, blisters, masks, eye cream, moisturizing and, finally, putting on a cream or night mask.

The basic principles of K-Beauty cosmetics revolve around extreme skin care. The health of the dermis is the primary objective, as well as to look as natural as possible.

Proud of our work

We are pleased to note the attention paid by Korean cosmetic companies or K-Beauty to us. Also, the interest shown in our services, as more and more decide to expand their business in the European market.

Among the added values and advantages of working with Cosmeservice, highlights the power to have all services in the same company, ie the analysis of documentation, as well as conducting the necessary studies.

Our current and potential clients consider it is very important to have the peace of mind of knowing they place their trust in a consultancy that will verify their cosmetic products in accordance with current regulations and ensure that they are safe for consumers.

Another strong point they value very positively, is we are the fastest European expert consultant in Cosmetic Safety and Regulation in the market.

Finally, we would like to highlight the kindness of this country, which always receives you smiling.

feria K-beauty
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