Quality Policy

COSMESERVICE offers comprehensive advisory and services to manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products in meeting national and international regulatory requirements, as well as in the importation of cosmetic products.

COSMESERVICE’s purpose is to actively contribute to the consolidation of manufacturers and distributors in the European, British, and U.S. cosmetic markets.

To this end, we operate with the highest quality, reliability, and safety for consumers. The Management of COSMESERVICE, represented by the General Manager, commits as a fundamental objective to work according to the ISO 9001 standard, in order to ensure that our services meet regulatory, legal requirements, and customer specifications. Achieving this goal requires a common commitment from COSMESERVICE’s shareholders, management, employees, and suppliers, which is reflected in our pursuit of service excellence for our clients. To this aim, we provide personalized attention, fulfill their needs, and even strive to exceed their expectations.

The Management of COSMESERVICE has defined the following Quality Policy developed in these main fundamental aspects:


• Compliance with current legal requirements.

• Integration of a competent human team, paying attention to their working conditions both inside and outside the company, aiding in their continuous improvement and training.

• Continuous improvement the efficacy of the Integrated Management System, allocating the necessary human and material resources.

• Providing a level of information and awareness to all personnel to fulfill these quality commitments, promoting the participation and responsibility of all workers in the operation of the Integrated Management System.


The Management ensures that this policy is communicated and understood by all staff for the proper functioning of the company and that it will be available to interested parties. In addition, Management periodically reviews this policy to ensure that it remains appropriate to the purpose of the organization.

General Managment.

DATE OF APPROVAL: 16/11/2023REV. 3

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