Tests for Cosmetic Safety: Efficacy and Regulatory Compliance


Cosmeservice offers a different range of in vitro tests and in vivo tests for finished products, to comply with EU & UK cosmetic regulations and justify efficacy claims.

All of our in vitro safety studies are conducted in compliance with the Good Laboratory Practices, certified by ISO17025 and ISO 9001; and validated by expert researchers.

You’ll find a brief explanation of every test listed at the video below!

Mandatory Safety Tests (for UK and EU Market)

Here you can find a list of the mandatory test a product has to undergo to ensure safety and compliance with the existing cosmetics regulations, at least, in Europe and in the UK.

Microbiological Quality Control Services.

Efficacy preservative system – Challenge TEST (ISO 11930:2012).

Stability Test.

Packaging Testing – Compatibility Test.

SPF in-vitro.

UVA in vitro.

SPF in-vivo.

Clinical Safety Studies: Human Clinical Trials for Safety & Claims justification

The following tests can help to justify claims and ensure the safety and truthfulness in the personal care products, especially for new products in the market place.

Depending on your target strategy, Cosmeservice can offer different test variables to justify product claims. We can design your ideal test, adjusting…

  • Duration.
  • Volunteers’ panel.
  • Application of the product.
  • Assessment by different research areas.
  • Different measurements.

Patch Test.

Open Test.


HRIPT- Human Repeated Insult Patch Test.

UVA (PPD) in vivo.

In Use Test.

This test will allow you to subjectively justify different claims made at the product and help obtain real consumers’ real opinions. It can be performed under different Health The test can be complemented with efficacy measurements, as:

  • Hydration.
  • Anti-ageing.
  • Firming.
  • Sebum Regulator.
  • Anti-ageing.
  • Firming.

Consumer Research / Lover Test.

Additional or specific services:

  • European Pharmacopeia.
  • PAO determination.
  • Water Activity Measurement.
  • Product Characterization (Controlled Substances / Toxic Metals Testing).
  • Physio-Chemical Specifications.

If you don´t find your test here contact us, we will be glad to help you.

From Cosmeservice, we aim to find the perfect match, meeting the requirements of cosmetic regulation, consumer needs, and marketing trends, to find a way to make our customers’ vision real.

Contact us for more information. You can find us also on Linkedin and Youtube, visit us!

Cosmeservice Team.


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